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"I have always been passionate about the paranormal. Do you want to hear a true paranormal story? 
My most published and exposed photo series was randomly taken with my phone when I was waiting
for my brother to come home from work. Spooky as it might seem, that’s the way I think, the way I create.
I don’t intellectualize my photo series. I follow an instinct and let the story carry me and my eye. One might think that my universe might be incoherent, only carried by immediate pulsions. Yet that’s exactly the link between everything I do: it’s only sensitive. From my art studies to my professional experience as an Art Director, I never planned on becoming a photographer. We live in an odd world, full of surprises, don’t we? Let’s discover it though my lens."

Honorable Mention for my photoseries "Expérience"

Fine Art/Portrait category 
International Photography Awards  (IPA) - 2018

Special Awards Métamorphose for my photoseries

"La Nature A Des Yeux"
Art et Artisanat2016


WESTART  May, 2020

PARIS MATCH  August, 2019
"Unconditional Love" 

30 MILLIONS D'AMIS  August, 2019

"Unconditional Love"




NEGATIF PLUS le mag  June, 2017

"D'âme Nature" Interview on the webzine


FISHEYE MAGAZINE  November, 2016

Jury's Pick "Salon de la Photographie de Paris"



"Nature Has Eyes" Publication & Interview



"Nature Has Eyes" Publication & Interview

FUBIZ  June, 2016

"Nature Has Eyes" 

"Constructions Insolites"
Organised by Art en Lien, Paris 
December 2018

Solo show "D'âme Nature"
Negatif Plus Gallery, Paris  
 June - July 2017

"Notoryou" exhibitions
Remix Coworking, Paris  
2016 - 2017


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