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I'm a child of social media, and I've always been intrigued by this new form of virtual existence. By making us prisoners of entertainment, social media has turned our existence into a neverending party. But how does it translate in real life?

Constantly stimulated by the social media flow, we have developed a true fear of the "void" or "nothingness". There indeed is a fine line between an enchanted universe and a well-built illusion. Who are we when we are alone in an empty room facing our own self?

With this series, I aim to question the impact of social media on the idea of identity.

Lost in the void, my subjects are passive and navigate between two realities. The moving veil seems more alive than them while it is just a piece of fabric. It inevitably attracts the eye but does not reveal what lies underneath. My whole approach aims to emphasize this societal paradox.

Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards (IPA) 2018 in Portrait/Fine Art category

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