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Nature has eyes. That's what I realized on December 17th 2015 while walking around the Lac des Dronières. The weather was perfect, the sky astonishingly blue and the lake held perfectly still.

Through the lake reflection, I feel a calling. A calling born in symmetry: all these eyes were here, staring at me. Human eyes, animal eyes, insect eyes.

Totem of my imagination as well as guardians of the natural balance, they kept on asking me the same question: and now, what do you see?

Not unlike the Rorschach test, I'm convinced that if I asked this question to 1000 people around the world,

I would get 1000 different answers for only one photo. And I find that passionating. Because there is no right or wrong answer, only how this image resonates within you. Only how this image reflects your own nature. 

How about you? What faces do you see?


I always felt like my photographic series « Nature Has Eyes » could go beyond photography. That's why I chose to explore printing on wood. This support made perfect sense to me: the veins, the knots and the touch of this material instantaneously inspired me. This essence of my project has made me want to combine my pictures and this raw material so that they could give birth to something new, between photography and painting.


Trees have eyes

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