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If someone asked me to summarize my vision of the lockdown in one word, that’s the one I would choose. Food. In the sea of worrisome information constantly thrown at us, food has brought us comfort, alleviating our spirits and hearts. Through food, I was able to share and connect with my loved ones. Through food, I was able to surprise and comfort my boyfriend. Most importantly, through food, I was able to rekindle my creativity and joie de vivre. That’s the oddest and most surprising fact about this photo series: while it illustrates one of the darkest period of modern history, it is the most optimistic series I have ever imagined. 

Created in our studio apartment, this series, starring my boyfriend, is an hommage to food and what it has brought us during this time. Just in case we are ever contained again, let me share with you my recipe for a victorious lockdown.

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